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This page currently just consists of notes

Milliways I

The Restaurant at the end of the universe

Milliways II

The Bullet III based bbs

Milliways III

The Milliways III bulletin board system.
(c) 1992 Arthur Dent (J.S.Mitchell)

Originally written as Arthur's teach himself C project in the summer betweem his 1st and 2nd year.

Linux / Internet patches: Anarchy
Basis of new command parser: Anarchy
General Thanks to:
Arashi (ideas), Hobbit (spellings), Madsysop (for being annoying),
Fry (all those useful things that everyone seems to use, and MUD rooms),
Finnw (I/O multiplexing, dynamic hash tables),
FireFury (function wrappers (de)bugging code),
Cmckenna (MUD rooms, gag filters)
Dez (man page style help, ideas, testing) and
Pwb (RPM packaging, UTF-8 compatibility hacks)

  • Graphical version (screenshots?) implimented as Arthur's 3rd year project
  • Info about ongoing developments

Milliways IV - Project Marvin

An attempt at a ground up rewrite using client-server technology to allow for more flexible user clients.

Generally now abandoned due to lack of contributors.

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